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About us
Our organizations jointly counteract the expansion of the open-cast Turów lignite mine in Poland for the benefit of local communities, nature and climate. We support civic activities undertaken by the international community at the interface of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. We strive to make the lignite-dependent Bogatynia enter the path of energy transition as well as economic and social transformation.
Stowarzyszenie Ekologiczne EKO-UNIA
Since 1994, he has been implementing ecological and social projects in accordance with the principle of sustainable development. Activities are local, national and international.
Strona Stowarzyszenia
Fundacja "Rozwój TAK - Odkrywki NIE"
formal and legal representation of the "RT-ON" National Coalition, a civic movement to stop plans to build new brown coal mines by the opencast method and to move Poland from the fossil era to the renewable era.
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We have been working for systemic changes in the area of nature protection for over 45 years. We look at the hands of politicians and businessmen. We intervene where, in the name of short-sighted interests, nature is destroyed. We work to protect the climate and the most valuable ecosystems on Earth. Greenpeace is hundreds of thousands of people around the world, people like you.
Strona Stowarzyszenia
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