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The hearing in the CJEU is the result (...)
The hearing in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) regarding the (...)
Scientists: There is no future for the Polish (...)
Scientists from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice analyzed the future of the Turów (...)
Polish mining unions' protest is a blackmail against (...)
Mining trade union leaders are protesting today at the seat of the Court of (...)
Czech elections don't resolve dispute
The finished elections in the Czech Republic, contrary to the Polish government's announcements, will (...)
No agreement on Turów before the elections in (...)
Parliamentary elections are underway in the Czech Republic. If the new government is more (...)
We cannot forget that the Turów Dispute is (...)
Polish National Coalition „Development YES - Open Pit Mines NO" submitted comments to the (...)
Poland fined EUR 500,000 per day for violating (...)
Luxembourg, 20 September 2021 - Statement from the Europe Beyond Coal campaign groups on (...)
For a life without coal
The local Greenpeace group from Upper Lausitz, together with many inhabitants of the region (...)
IPCC report leaves no doubt: Turów must stop (...)
On 9 August 2021, the report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate (...)
Turów by Bike - Cycling for a cross-border (...)
It is time to build bridges across borders for a sustainable future. We want (...)
Power Unit 7 in Turów. Will there be (...)
Negotiations between Poland and the Czech Republic are still in progress, however the details (...)
The costs of staying with coal
The new power unit in Turów, bulit for PLN 4.3 billion, was shut down (...)
Little chance for the swift conclusion of the (...)
The fourth round of talks between the Polish and Czech governments over the Turów (...)
Letter to Virginijus Sinkevičius
Concerned Czech citizens have written a letter to Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Commissioner for the (...)
Poland has to show its goodwill in the (...)
The situation in Turów has been dynamic for the last few days, and as (...)
The problem with Turów and polish coal – (...)
The last few days have been an extraordinary time when it comes to polish (...)
Why are you burning our future?
The storm surrounding Turów is going on, but Polska Grupa Energetyczna appears to be (...)
Stoping mining in Turów will not lead to (...)
Analysis by Paweł Czyżak explaining what the consequences of stoping extraction at Turów mine (...)
European Court of Justice orders halt to operations (...)
The European Court of Justice has ruled that mining at Poland’s sprawling Turów coal (...)
License that will destroy the region
The Minister of Environment and Climate, Michał Kurtyka, granted a mining license for Turów (...)
RES could be the future of Turów
Complete coal extraction by 2044 in Turów is not a feasible option. More and (...)
PGE myths vs reality
In late April 2021 Polish Energy Group (PGE), the owner of the Turów mine (...)
Other countries may join in the complaint against (...)
The lawsuit presented by the Czech Republic at the European Court of Justice was (...)
Polish response to the Czech request
Poland has sent its response to the Court of Justice of the European Union (...)
Poland won't reach out to its neighbours
It’s highly unlikely Turów will be operating after 2026, argues Polish think-tank - Instrat. (...)
Escalation of conflict
In Poland, the dispute over Turów is getting more entrenched every day. Activists are (...)
Turów case as a failure of enforcement of (...)
Only the 9th time in the history of the EU one Member State sues (...)
Enough with PGE arrogance
Saxony and Liberec region inhabitants are fed up with PGE arrogance and its ignoring (...)
Despite criticism from the EU, Poland wants to (...)
According to information that Greenpeace managed to verify from several sources, the Polish state-owned (...)
PGE vs rest of the world
Last week, representatives of the German Saxony group submitted an official complaint to the (...)
Opencast lignite mining in Turow causes dispute at (...)
Saxony. 21.01.2021 - Today, governing officials and citizens of the city of Zittau, as (...)
Lignite’s agony artificially delayed
At the end of last year PGE management admitted that the company wants to (...)
An open door to the Court of Justice
The European Commission has adopted a reasoned opinion in proceedings initiated by the Czech (...)
Turów is a threat to our cultural heritage
Greenpeace takes actions in defense of a former health resort, Opolno-Zdrój, from Turów mine (...)
People are tweeting about Turów
The topic of the controversial activity of the Turów open-pit mine is of growing (...)
Pressure makes sense. ICPO has decided that Turów (...)
The International Commission for the Protection of the Odra River against Pollution has considered (...)
The Polish response to Turów case is "unacceptable"
On 9 December, a joint statement of representatives of the Czech authorities (Ministry of (...)
A problem taller than skyscrapers
Poland and the Czech Republic started talks regarding the contested mining license for the (...)
Turów operations against the precautionary and prevention principles
The Polish Ministry of Climate released the full content of the decision on the (...)
News about Turów is spreading in Germany
A study about the impact of Turów on Saxony's water has not escaped the (...)
Who will pay for water for the Turów (...)
The extraction and combustion of lignite from the Turów opencast is an international problem. (...)
Will Poland face the European Court of Justice (...)
The Czech Republic sent a complaint to the European Commission with regards to the (...)
PGE needs to put their cards on the (...)
Union men from Turów mine and power plant are complaining about the lack of (...)
PGE caught in between
Polska Grupa Energetyczna until recently has publically denied scientific consensus on the climate change (...)
Shoulder to shoulder against the opencast mines. Video (...)
Hundreds of people gathered on August 30th to express objections to the further mining (...)
In solidarity against Turów and Garzweiler lignite mines. (...)
On August 30, at the place borders of Poland, Czech Republic and Germany meet,  (...)
Turów dispute continued
Poland still won’t admit that Turów impacts groundwater in the neighbour countries. In Czechia, (...)
Europe divided on the Tripoint
After the meeting of the Committee on Petitions, it seems to be clear that (...)
PETI Committee press release
Members of European Parliament across factions urge the European Commission to act promptly regarding (...)
Let’s meet at the Three-Nations-Point
We encourage everyone interested in the Turów’s issue to follow the proceedings of the (...)
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